Success in the vacation rental business relies on many factors, but none more important than making the rent payment process fast, easy & convenient – for both you and your guest!

Accepting Credit/Debit Cards will:

  • Define you as a legitimate vacation rental business!
  • Help secure damage control!
  • Increase occupancy!
  • Expedite the rental payment process!

How Payment Processing Works:

For all credit card processing, there are two parts: the authorization and the settlement.

Authorization means that the fund’s availability is verified and, if available, they are put on hold automatically. This important step defines the “approved” or “declined” status of a payment process.

Settlement is the process by which the money that was put on hold is electronically captured and transferred into the merchant business bank account. In most cases, this process takes 48 business hours.

Online Credit Card Processing:

eReservation Payment Solutions is proud to offer Authorize.Net as our Payment Processing Gateway. This online, secure credit card and ACH/electronic check processing program was developed with the Internet merchant in mind. The benefits of Authorize.Net include:

  • Real Time Authorization.
  • Compatibility with any computer platform, modem or software.
  • Ongoing upgrades and enhancements, ensuring you a cutting edge credit card processing program.
  • Links to almost any Internet Merchant Account.
  • Easily customizable for any Internet Store.
  • Accessible from ANY computer with Internet access.
  • Recurring Billing Feature.
  • Complete Reporting Capabilities.
  • Redundant Backup Systems
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

How To Get Started

We have a simple 3 step process to find out how you can start accepting credit cards for your rental properties.

Step 1. Apply online or fill out our Contact Form.

Step 2. One of our experienced eReservation Reps will reach out to you.

Step 3. We help you through the application process to begin accepting credit cards!