I wanted to Thank eReservationSolutions for the great service you have given me over the years. I have had several businesses and many merchant accounts. eReservationSolutions by far is the best. With multiple vacation rentals I could never run such a great business without eReservationSolutions. Your company knows vacation rentals and what we need. From the best rates I have ever seen, great customer service and flawless processing every time I use my account, your company and staff are the best.

Another great thing with eReservationSolutions is there are no surprises. The rates are disclosed and no “hidden” fees.

Keep up the great work and you have me as a customer for life!

Joe Godar

Unbeknownst to us, we were eReservationSolutions first Vacation Rental (“VR”) merchant services customer. We happened to see their affiliation on a VR listserv we are both members of at a time when we were having terrible difficulties with PayPal (non-Virtual terminal). It was becoming very difficult for our guests to pay us – NOT a problem we wanted to have. I spoke with Yolanda and told her what we needed and when we needed it. They got everything set up immediately so our guest could pay the next day. We ended up with a happy guest and the funds in our account. Any time we have had questions about charges or practices to keep our fees low, they has replied to us very quickly, usually within an hour or so. We will NEVER go back to not accepting credit cards, and are VERY happy with eReservationSolutions.

Phil & Kathleen Steele

In today’s business, there is a disturbing trend towards the elimination of individual customer service. While many companies, both large and small, imply their willingness to offer outstanding service, they fall considerably short. Merely getting a customer service agent to listen to one’s story is problematic. To get an issue resolved is time consuming and quite often left unresolved by a faceless and nameless “customer service representative.”

In my association with eComMerchantSolutions, I have found that the principle of true customer service is alive and well. To be a professional, one must perform one’s duties dependably from beginning to end. One must be trustworthy, knowledgeable and communicative. All these qualities are part of the eComMerchantSolutions experience.

Tony DiStasi, Destin, FL

I opened a credit card processing account with eComMerchantSolutions in November 2007. Prior to that, I had investigated various service providers, but had not previously set up a credit card merchant services account. Through my exploration, I found the staff at eComMerchantSolutions to be the most helpful, thorough and prompt – not to mention accessible and friendly — so that is why I elected to open my account with them rather than with any of the other banks and vendors I had researched.

Through the process of setting up my account and processing my first transactions, the entire staff at eComMerchantSolutions was extremely helpful, answered all my questions, and instilled confidence that I would be able to operate the system easily – which proved to be true. They also promised to answer all of my future questions as they arose, which they have, in fact, done.

Whenever I call, I get to speak with someone immediately. And that person is always competent to handle the matter at hand (unlike some of the other companies I checked with!) In the six months that I have been processing credit card payments – which I love — I have asked for in-depth research from eComMerchantSolutions on a few transactions, and always received surprisingly rapid, thoroughly satisfactory responses. I recently needed to increase the maximum dollar value of the transactions I am processing both per transaction and per month, and they arranged that within hours.

I can’t even remember life before credit card processing, and for sure there’s no going back to shuffling all those checks between the post office and the bank. I am so pleased with the extremely smooth process and great service I have now, with eComMerchantSolutions, that I wouldn’t consider any other processor, either. If you would like more information, you are welcome to call me.


Anita Sande

We have been working with eComMerchantSolutions for about 4 years and they have been extremely important to the success of our business. Kristie and her team have always been there to help us with any question or difficulty and their response times have always been fantastic. eCom Merchant Solutions gets my highest recommendations which is saying a lot because I rarely offer recommendations of any kind.

If you would like additional information, you can telephone me at (503)946-5869.


Douglas Hall
VP Sales and Marketing
Quality Matters

I have been using eReservationSolutions for only a short time, since November 08. I can say without a doubt that I love the system so far. I have had only one instance where I had to call to verify why a transaction did not go through for a client, eComMerchantSolutions was very quick to respond and gave me the solution to pass on to my potential client within minutes of calling, that was wonderful! I was able to get back to the potential client immediately which they were also impressed with, like myself.

I would highly recommend using eReservationSolutions for retrieving credit card payments from clients. I absolutely love it! Thank you for making this part of my booking process of rental cabins in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, very easy and headache free. You have made my introduction to “Rent By Owner” run smoothly, and I thank you for that.

Carolyn Hansen-Henderson

eReservationSolutions provides an excellent merchant solution for our property owners payment needs. Their customer service is excellent and they provide a great service to our clients. I would recommend any business to use eReservationSolutions for their needs.

Jeremy Blackburn
Corporate Housing by Owner
e: jeremy@mychbo.com
p: 720.259.6237
f: 720.228.CHBO (2426)
tf: 1.877.333.CHBO (2426)

Hello, my name is Chad Woods and I have been referring clients to eComMerchantSolutions for over 4 years. I am 100% satisfied with their service. Feel free to call me at (800) 871-9964 if you would like to discuss in detail how eComMerchantSolutions has helped my business.


Chad Woods

eComMerchantSolutions has been great for our business.

Before we worked with eComMerchantSolutions, we found a large amount of hours were being spent helping clients through getting their payment gateway setup. Once we started working with eComMerchantSolutions, all we had to do was give our clients eComMerchantSolutions and our work was done.

Online Payment Processing has so many hoops to jump through, it would confuse just about anyone. The eComMerchantSolutions team has a unique ability to help clients navigate their way through payment processing so that it’s an effortless experience. After a client is done working with one of the eComMerchantSolutions team, they always have great things to say.


Jake Scott
Director of Development
A-VIBE Web Development

We have been working with eComMerchantSolutions for over 2 years now, and we continue to refer our clients to them, because of their superior customer service, personal attention, and knowledge of online payment processing. Originally, we worked directly with payment gateway companies, but once we started working with eComMerchantSolutions we have never gone back, because of how much time they save us and how well they treat our clients.

Brieanna O’Duinn
A-VIBE Web Development, LLC
Portland, Oregon
p: 503.296.8499
f: 503.232.5198

We’ve been working with eComMerchantSolutions for about 5 years and I can tell you that we’ll never work with another merchant services company. The eComMerchantSolutions team are not only incredibly responsive, they are also just a pleasant, capable group of people. There have been a number of instances in the past where we’ve had issues with a particular transaction or account and they never hesitate to jump in and help solve the issue, even when the issue was no fault of their own and they could have easily asked me to call the payment gateway directly. That level of service and follow-through is indicative of the fact that they OWN the customer relationship, not just the initial sale.

We are a web design company and eComMerchantSolutions provides the merchant processing services for a number of our clients, and I never hesitate to send a referral their way because I know my clients will be taken care of and that the service they receive will be outstanding. In all the time that we’ve worked with them, I have yet to hear a single complaint about them from a client. To the contrary, I got an unsolicited comment from a client just last week about how helpful he thought Faith was on their team. This is why I continue to refer them, because what they do makes my company look good! I would recommend them to anyone looking to form a long-term relationship with a vendor they can rely on.


Cyndi Nguyen
Conceptualize. Create. Captivate.
360.253.4397 ext. 103 :: 866.822.4335 ext. 103

I am writing to express how wonderful eComMerchantSolutions has treated me. I have been working with this company for nearly 6 months and have found the customer service, timeliness and attention to detail to be second to none. Having worked with other credit card processing services in the past, I must admit that this is the best service I have found thus far. I highly recommend this company and it’s staff.

Todd Hillman

My vacation condo rental income jumped once my customers could instantly book their vacation with a credit card. No more “checks in the mail” that never arrive. The high monthly fees of the first company I used were a bad match for the seasonal nature of my business. eReservationSolutions was the solution. I thought the switchover was going to be complicated. It wasn’t. Yolanda, my customer service rep, walked me through it.

Bob Kramer

When we started evaluating merchant service providers, we focused on two criteria; seamless integration with our online business services and reliable service for our online customers. It is comforting to know that eComMerchantSolutions is always working in the background to make our customers online experience easy and enjoyable, while keeping our administrative work to a minimum.

Dale Chapman