Why you should have a blog for your Vacation Rental

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45 Awesome Blog Topics for Your Vacation Rental

So you’ve set yourself up on a few Vacation Rental hosting sites, you’ve launched your very own website, and you’ve created your VR’s Instagram account. But now what? You’ve checked your website’s analytics and have had two visitors in the last 24hrs… Well, that’s not going to bring in the big bucks. What else can you do to drive traffic to your site and find a few leads? You want to be a proactive Vacation Rental Owner, right?


One proven way to get more traffic to your website is to blog. Blogging boosts your SEO ratings for search engines, it offers free interesting or valuable content to potential renters, and creates a space for engagement. But, what should you write about?


We have created a list of blog topics to help get you get you started with your new Vacation Rental blog. Remember, with whatever you decided to write about, your headlines are most important. Headlines are your blog’s first impression, and leave your reader wanting to know more. Make them interesting, mysterious, and valuable to your potential customer.


Food and Drinks:

  1. Best Happy Hour in [your VR destination]
  2. Top 3 Pizza Joints to Take Your Family in [your VR destination]
  3. Date Night: 3 Most Romantic Restaurants in [your VR destination]
  4. Where to Get the Best Craft Cocktails in [your VR destination]
  5. Top 5 Family Friendly Restaurants in [your VR destination]
  6. Hamburger Highlights in [your VR destination]
  7. Hidden Gems: 3 Best Coffee Houses in [your VR destination]
  8. Best Grub in the Pub: Top 5 Local Pubs
  9. Top 4 Brew Houses: Brew Guide for [your VR destination]
  10. 4 Best Food Delivery and Takeout in [your VR destination]


Activities and Attractions:

  1. Brews and Views Tours in [your VR destination]
  2. 5 Easy Family Hiking Trails near [your VR destination]
  3. ATT: HARDCORE ROCK CLIMBERS- Top 5 Rock Climbing Spots near [your VR destination]
  4. Find Yourself a Gem: Rock and Fossil Hunting Map for [your VR destination]
  5. Discover Incredible Local History: Museums, Tour Guides, and Vista Points
  6. Top 3 Ski Destinations for beginners near [your VR destination]
  7. Extreme Snowboarding: Top 3 Slopes for the Skilled Snowboarder
  8. 5 Scenic Views You Can’t Miss in [your VR destination]
  9. A Golfer’s Vacation: Top Public Golf Courses in [your VR destination]
  10. Must Do Day Trips near [your VR destination]
  11. Where to Rent Paddle Boards and One Money Saving Tip
  12. 5 Wineries near [your VR destination] with the Most Incredible Views
  13. Hidden Gems: 3 Most Beautiful Secluded Beaches in [your VR destination]
  14. 3 Best RC Tracks in [your VR destination]


Local News and Events:

  1. Uber and Lyft Now in [your VR destination] and How That Affects You
  2. SPOTLIGHT: [New Local Business]
  3. Party in the Park: Upcoming Music Events in [your VR destination]
  4. Support Breast Cancer Awareness, 10k Run in [your VR destination]
  5. Time Travel: Renaissance Fair in [your VR destination]
  6. Support Breast Cancer Awareness 10k Run in [your VR destination]
  7. Time Travel: Renaissance Fair in [your VR destination]
  8. Holiday Shopping You Can’t Miss in [your VR destination]
  9. Get in the Holiday Spirit: Best Pumpkin Patches in [your VR destination]


Your VR Specific:

  1. Meals perfect for a VR kitchen
  2. Delish Craft Cocktails to Make on Your Vaycay
  3. Family Game Night: Top 5 Games on the Market
  4. 3 Most Beautiful Dog Parks in [your VR destination]
  5. Movie Night Review: 3 Best Vacation Horror Flicks
  6. New Renovations for an Updated Vacation



  1. Girl’s Trip: Top 5 Female Friendly Activities
  2. A Dog’s Day Out: 4 Fun Activities That Can Include Your Fur Baby
  3. Bachelor Shenanigans: 5 Must Do Activities for Your Bachelor Party in [your VR destination]
  4. Campfire Goodies: A New Take on the Old S’more
  5. Rainy Day Activities: 10 Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day in [your VR destination]


Hopefully this list has your gears turning about the kind of content your potential customers will enjoy, like, and share with their friends.


Don’t forget to always do research, read other VR blogs, stay up to date with VR industry news, and follow your potential customers on social media platforms – pay attention to what kind of questions they are asking, what topics interest them. If you do those few things, your blog has a recipe for success. Now go start blogging!

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